Loreal makes hair salon so unique why?

Loreal’s mission is to improve the customer experience in the salon and provide customers with more than just haircuts and colors. Their tagline is “We Care for More Than Hair.”

As for the hairdressers, they benefit from digital tools that help them establish a diagnostic or assist the customer in previewing the result of the treatment or hair color they recommend. Customers are guided through the visit from beginning to end, enjoying good treatments, seated consultations, relaxation areas, and more.

To urge clients to visit salons, Loreal has additionally evolved expanded reality applications that is style my hair, which permit them to essentially evaluate different hair colors before their visit, as well as stages prefer salon mysterious, for making arrangements on the web.

A new paradigm that is disruptive is this comprehensive ecosystem that combines online and in-salon experiences. The entire professional hairdressing industry has benefited from the transformation. Loreal is dedicated to providing professional and consumer beauty services now more than ever.