Best way to protect your hair

Natural way

Thankfully, you don’t really need any fancy equipment or masks to take care of your hair, which is an essential part of self-care. There are a ton of straightforward things that you can do at home like oiling your hair consistently, washing your hair with rice water, applying eggs to your hair, following a decent eating regimen, utilizing green tea or squashed amla glue, etc.

Stop damaging your hair

Simple routines can help you avoid causing damage to your hair. Rinsing your hair after a swim and using air drying instead of heat products are two practices you should incorporate into your hair care routine. In addition, you should never brush your hair while it is still wet, style it in tight hairstyles like buns and ponytails for an extended period of time, color your hair too much, or do any of the other aforementioned things.

Protect your dry hair

Here are some steps you can take to repair your hair if you think it has become dull, damaged, or dull over time. At least once every three to six months, trim your hair, avoid washing it every day because it will strip your hair of its natural oils, use less heat to style it, and try taking colder showers. You can even use essential oils or take supplements to repair the damage if you still don’t see any change.

Prevent hair fall

To stop your hair from thinning, you need to keep it from falling out as well as protect it. This can be accomplished by eating more protein, taking care of your scalp, avoiding pull-back hairstyles, using a mild shampoo, and so on. You can even try light laser therapy, supplements, and prescribed medication if the condition is very bad.

Make your hair shine

Unfortunately, your hair’s health and shine can be affected by everyday exposure to pollution, styling products, and heat tools.

Some useful practice to get the glossiest hair

Properly wash your hair

First, watch how often you wash your hair because too much washing can cause more harm than good. The next step is to shampoo your hair twice while you are in the shower. Rocco says that the main cleanser is for purging the scalp and hair of development, and the second functions as to a greater degree a treatment. He also recommends giving your scalp a gentle massage because it increases blood flow to the scalp, which brings in new blood cells and helps rejuvenate the hair’s roots.

Last but not least, don’t believe any myths that a final rinse with cold water will make your hair even more shiny: Avoid the arctic and use warm to lukewarm water instead, as studies demonstrate that the cold-water rinse theory is a myth.